Miss Kyree Loves Warm & Fuzzies | Kids Daily Affirmations for School Lunches (100)

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Miss Kyree Loves - Warm & Fuzzies Ever thought about writing a little love note for your kids to make them feel extra special? But run out of time in the mad...

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Miss Kyree Loves - Warm & Fuzzies

Ever thought about writing a little love note for your kids to make them feel extra special? But run out of time in the mad morning rush of getting everyone and everything organised?


- to let them know in a fun way how awesome they are
- to encourage them to stay focused during class
- to remind them you're thinking about them
- to say sorry for being grumpy that morning
- to say thank you for helping get ready so fast
- to remind them how loved they are

Some children are a little more sensitive than others and need a little boost of confidence during the day. These lunch box warm fuzzies are a great way for you to give your child a giant hug from a far, while they are at school. 


- School Lunches. When they open up their lunchbox, they will get a burst of love from afar

- Left bedside their beds when they wake up each morning to start the day off right

- Left on their pillow before they go to sleep, so they can dream of that affirmation

- Encourage them to read each Warm Fuzzy on their own, start a conversation about what each one means, so their language skills flourish

Encourage your child to feel positive, capable, independent and loved EVERY DAY with these lunchbox warm fuzzies. Inspire their growing minds with beautiful affirmations as a sweet surprise when they open their lunchboxes each day. Let your creative little sponge soak up all the positivity and watch them flourish. 

- This set includes 100 cards with different affirmations to choose from packaged in a  special embossed keepsake tin to keep them safe in your kitchen along with an eco friendly reusable bag with affirmations 

Affirmations can assist with your child's emotional well being, anxiety, enhance their self esteem, confidence and positive self talk

- Helps develop language skills

- Makes a beautiful gift

- Designed by Miss Kyree Loves, Australia


1. Choose a Warm Fuzzy from the special tin

2. Pick an affirmation that will most resonate with your child that day

3. Pop one into your child's lunchbox for them to open at school

4. Wipe them down with a damp cloth only (please don’t soak them in water)

5. Pop it back into the tin to be chosen again at a later date

6. You only need one tin per family, choose different cards for each of your kids every day


To keep your Warm Fuzzies in the best condition, please only wipe down with a damp cloth. Please don't put them into the dishwasher, or soak them in water. 

Suitable from 3 years +

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